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Andrew Dunn

Your nerd in the trenches!

My Professional Resumé

2006-Present - Lead Developer at Emmatt Digital Solutions Inc.

I'm currently enjoying my time at Emmatt Digital Solutions Inc. where I'm exclusively employed in the Peterborough area. I currently serve as lead programmer where I've helped bring many amazing products to life over the years, including:

  • easyMarketplace shared ecommerce platform
    Leveraging PHP's power and flexibility, MySQL's resiliency and the security of Beanstream credit card payments, this centralized, turnkey solution is the trusted shopping cart for many businesses.
  • BallyhooTV commercial and nonprofit digital signage platform
    Built to leverage the performance and attractive layout possibilities of HTML5 and CSS3, BallyhooTV is an astonishing complete web based product running in a custom-configured Windows machine.
  • Inventory recording and safety lockout reporting tools for a major mining organization
  • Ecommerce platform and MapleSoft MapleTA integration for ground-floor math tutoring platform
  • Countless websites and content management systems created and implemented over the years

2000-2003 - Essential Skills Software

Primary developer of Liberty Automated Library Windows Application, deployed to numerous installations across North America.

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