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Andrew Dunn

Your nerd in the trenches!

About Me

I'm a savvy, smart and well rounded web application developer with over 20 years of programming experience squeezed into my relatively short life thus far.

Starting at age 12 making fun little games and then minor productivity applications in Visual Basic, I picked up some best practices in interface design, and took them with me in developing Liberty Automated Library, a Windows application for small libraries to manage their collections and borrowing procedures.

I honed my skills in the Computer Programming course at Loyalist College and picked up basic Apache server hosting skills when I ran the free to use Defiant Webhosting out of my bedroom.

Soon after moving to Peterborough, I joined Emmatt Digital Solutions Inc. where I became an integral part of their team as lead Programmer. In this dynamic environment I personally develop completely custom solutions in as varied fields as ecommerce shopping carts, industrial equipment tracking and reporting and commercial digital signage.

I'm an expert PHP and MySQL web developer who hates the idea that "It can't be done" and have proven this time and again by inventing inspired solutions to problems that clients bring to us on a daily basis.

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